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Коллекция «Вербена и Лайм»

«Лучший лосьон после бритья 2012 года»
- Награда журнала Men's Health в 2012 году

«Лучший крем для бритья 2010 года»
- Награда журнала Men's Health в 2010 году

Для всех типов кожи.

Пробудите свои чувства при помощи нашей новой, превосходной коллекции Вербена и Лайм!

- Новый эксклюзивный аромат, бодрящий и омолаживающий натуральный тоник для вашей кожи
- Комплексное решение для бритья, включающее масло до бритья, крем для бритья и бальзам после бритья.
- Рекомендуется для всех типов кожи

Преимущества: Новая коллекция Вербена и Лайм даст Вам новый заряд энергии в начале Вашего дня, ведь она разработана в идеальном сочетании стимулирующих свойств лайма и успокаивающих свойств вербены лимонной.

1. Приступайте к бритью после принятия душа - Ваша кожа распарена и идеально подготовлена к бритью
2. Легкими движениями пальцев втирайте в кожу небольшое количество масла до бритья eShave
3. Напеньте кисточку для бритья eShave кремом для бритья
4. Брейтесь в направлении роста волос (в частности в областях с вросшими волосами и выпуклостями).
5. Для более тщательного бритья, снова нанесите крем для бритья и брейтесь против роста волос.
6. Умойтесь, легкими похлопываниями взбодрите кожу и нанесите крем после бритья eShave для максимального комфорта.

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Коллекция «Вербена и Лайм»

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Based on 9 reviews.

Posted on:
My husband loves your products!
We have the full set for home and a full set for travel. Your products are all far superior to your competitor. We have used Art of Shaving and it was overpriced and poor quality. Keep up the good work! Kristin L. NYC

Posted on:
head shaver
I have been using e shave for about 1 week now for shaving my head and it has been a wonderful experience. With other shaving brands, I only smell alcohol, e shave has a slight pleasant smell. I would definitely recommend e shave for shaving your beard and your head. Maybe e shave can market their brand to all of us head shavers too!

Posted on:
Luxurious Lather for a Baby's Bottom Smooth Shave!
I received this as a christmas gift, and I'll admit - I was skeptical at first. I've tried pre-shave oils in the past with mixed results, and I was completely happy with the current shave soap I've been using, so I wasn't too sure what to expect.

First off - all three products have a great soft lime smell. It's not overpowering or sickly sweet, but very pleasant and invigorating that you almost wish it lasted longer. The shave oil is easy to apply and definitely provides a great glide, and the after shave does a great job moisturizing and leaves a nice subtle hint. The shave cream though is where this product excels! Trust me when i say a little goes a LONG way. Even though I put only a small amount on my brush, it created a thick, luxurious lather with minimal effort. I found myself enjoying the shave so much that I ended up reapplying the lather multiple times for touch-ups, without having to redip the brush for more cream.

I'm definitely converted. eShave has come out with an amazing product, and now I cant wait to try out the other collections.
Grubby's Wife

Posted on:
Smoother than a baby's butt
I bought this product from an offer on the Today Show for my husband! He used to shave with soap and get numerous breakouts and ingrown hairs on his face and neck! Not anymore! This was the greatest gift to give him for Christmas! After just one shave his face looked soft and it felt smoother than a baby's butt! I highly recommend any eShave products! Awesome!!

Posted on:
Great Products
This entire set is great. The lime scent is very nice but not over powering and not overly sweet, its just right. The shave cream makes a very thick lubricating lather and the aftershave absorbs right into my skin there's no greasy residue. The best part is I do not have razor burn anymore.

Posted on:
Provides a close, smooth shave with an invigorating scent!
This is by far the best shaving line that I have ever used. The preshave oil prepares my skin and prevents the trauma that shaving every day can induce. The shaving cream positions the hairs for an optimum shave and conditions my face, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. After my great shave, I follow up with the after shave soother, which is an exquisite moisturizer. I highly recommend that every man have an alum block on hand as well. This product does more than stop the bleeding of nicks and cuts; it also kills any bacteria on the skin. This helps prevent ingrown hairs.
I have used many shaving products, some from local retailers and others from more upscale businesses. The products available from eShave are the best that I have ever used.

Posted on:
Verbena Lime Collection
I have been using this complete line of shaving products for about 3 to 6 months now. I have to say I have never come across a shaving cream as well as complete system,that I actually enjoyed using. Trust me, I have used a lot of very expensive brands that are out there. First thing I like to do is prepare my skin for a complete and awesome shave. After getting my face all warm and open all the pores and soften the hairs, I apply the preshave oil and I can start to feel my face tingle. Then with using my Badger brush, which is a God sent. I apply the shave cream and as I am getting the shave cream deep into my skin, I can feel the Shave cream lightly coating my skin, like a glove. I then shave and rinse my skin with cold water and then apply the Alum bar which is another amazing addition that I don't know how we ever did without it, It helps with any minor cuts. By the next day I can't even notice them. Then I apply the After shave lotion, give it just a minute and you can't even tell or feel that you have even shaved!! I give this product 5 stars!! Use it for yourself and you will see and quickly agree it is by far the best Shaving product I have ever used on my skin. I also have sensitive skin and unlike other products I have used, I can use Eshave's entire line and never have even the slightest reaction!! Which tells me there is nothing but the purest and highiest quality ingredients go into each and everyone of Eshave's products. Don't take my word, try it for yourself and you will be thanking me later!!

Posted on:
Switched to eShave and I'm thrilled
Over the years I have used just about every top end shaving product on the market, eShave is the winner. eShave provides and excellent product at a great value.
David M.

Posted on:
a great way to use the system
I love that you now offer collections in all your scents. My favorite now is verbena lime and to be able to shave from start to end with it is the best way for me to start my day. I recommend to everyone to use all- thank you for making such great products.

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